Let’s just say, most dating sites try to help us find love but have some glaring loopholes.

The problem is not necessarily with dating sites, we’ve been duped into believing that the more money you have, the better chances at finding love.

Then you actually date, and date some more, and date some more, and along the way you learn to separate your fictions of how men, women and love should be from what actually makes you happy.

I suspect a lot of the 30-and-up dudes may have once answered these questions differently, but then they were asked on a date by a woman (or paid for by a woman, or proposed to by a woman) and the world didn't end. Or they went out with women who wanted them to initiate, plan and pay for all dates and it was a chore. Strict gender roles sure sound fun sometimes, but they can get tedious.

American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) [email protected] referrals throughout the country to Certified Sex Therapists and Certified Supervisors who are also licensed mental health professionals. Holds annual conventions; publishes an informative bimonthly online newsletter, Contemporary Sexuality.

American Medical Association The AMA provides resources for contraception information and many web links, as well as articles and abstracts by leading women’s health authorities.

Dating online is focused on two things, “the picture” and “the ability to articulate your compatibility”.

If you haven’t perfected the selfie, aren’t an award winning photographer or are just plain ugly, sadly the odds aren’t in your favour on most dating sites.The website is filled with excellent information about psychological insights, resources and links for both the general public and professionals in psychology.American Social Health Association (ASHA) [email protected] nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and their consequences.ASHA has a mission “to stop sexually transmitted diseases and their harmful consequences to individuals, families, and communities.” Its excellent website includes links to counseling referrals, herpes testing and much more.Centers for Disease Control (CDC) An excellent resource that includes an easy-to-use A-Z listing of hotlines addressing specific STIs such as genital herpes, hepatitis, and more..Simple and quick search for your perfect match Kismia boasts one of the largest male and female bases of all web dating services in the western and eastern parts of Europe. Real dating with Russian and Ukrainian women Why western men are so interested in Slavic women?