Organization engaged in botanical institutions Tver known botanist A. Some of the plants are from isolated populations located far enough away from the northern border of the range.Collected more than 260 species of plants from 42 seymeystv located in Engler. Annie was born in Holyoke, the eldest of three children of Carroll and Roger Heywood.

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Before 1938, was used as a child care Children's park, recreation and games. The most widely represented the family Araceae (about 50 species), Orchidaceae (about 20 species), Polypodiaceae (about 30 species), Arecaceae (15 species), Bromeliaceae (10 species), Agavaceae (10 species), Gesneriaceae (10 species), Liliaceae (10 species). Most of the species collected in the collection of natural habitats.

In 1938, the executive committee of the city council passed it Pedagogical Institute for Botanical Gardens. Represented by steppe species, for which the Tver region is the northern boundary of the range.

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