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Cepheid variables are divided into two subclasses which exhibit markedly different masses, ages, and evolutionary histories: classical Cepheids and type II Cepheids.

Delta Scuti variables are A class stars on or near the main sequence at the lower end of the instability strip and were originally referred to as dwarf Cepheids.

It seems to be associated with my pulse but it does not happen with each pulse, it is annoying, if I pull my neck up, it hurts. What you are seeing is the pulse from your heart beat reflected in the column of blood in your jugular vein, a jugular pulse.

If you are on the thin side, do not have swollen ankles, and are not short of breath, this is probably not of concern.

This in turn allows one to determine the distance to the star, by comparing its known luminosity to its observed brightness.

The term Cepheid originates from Delta Cephei in the constellation Cepheus, identified by John Goodricke in 1784, the first of its type to be so identified.

Hopefully you're under the care of a psychiatrist, if not ask your family MD to refer you, if you are see the psychiatrist about a medication adjustment.

could it be something with pituitary gland,that is close to to the visual pathway in brain? but i think its becaus of my muscles irritating nerves..of emotional stress with my kids and lack off sleep. Given that back ground and all the tests you've had it's more likely this is anxiety/depression than organic disease.

RR Lyrae variables have short periods and lie on the instability strip where it crosses the horizontal branch.