The broad library of subjects includes reading, math, social studies, science, creativity, problem solving and so much more!

Starting with activities suitable for toddlers and expanding to gradeschoolers, VTech's Learning Lodge gives every child an opportunity to expand their learning potential while keeping them entertained.

There is a vast array of marine life waiting for us!

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Nearly 60 people have been arrested in the Philippines on charges of operating an international "sextortion" network.

As the Associated Press reports, Filipino police say the suspects targeted hundreds of people in online chat rooms, luring them into having cybersex and exposing themselves on webcams.

The rechargeable battery pack (a $34.99 value) that comes with the Inno Tab 3S lets kids play for up to 9 hours of fun learning.

Parents can download more than 350 educational games, e-books, music and videos developed specifically for each child's unique stage of development, as well as their age and interests.

Eris Business System Extension Desk set is a 4 analog line PBX system, pairs directly to one UP416 Main Console.

System can support up to 15 UP406 desk sets and allows for a pairing of UP407 handsets with every desk set.

My best guess is that bloatware (a lot of preloaded apps) uses up precious memory and slows everything down, especially keeping all those apps updated in the background. It keeps the settings button where the number switch key is usually located, and also has the worst autocorrect feature I've come across.

You're better off downloading and installing Google's keyboard (which I did, after struggling for 2 hours with the Asus keyboard).

Most of the victims were from the Asia, Europe, and the US, including a 17-year-old Scottish boy who committed suicide after being targeted on Skype.

Authorities say the suspects would lure their victims using fake profiles on social media and porn websites.

Between dives you can relax by the pool or beach or take in a spa treatment.