You could take an active part in helping him find something else, help with his CV or searching for jobs on the internet.By helping him you are showing him that you have faith in his prospects of finding another job.

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It sounds like you have already broached the subject with him if he has told you that he is over her.

Why not discuss with him how he would feel if this were you.

However starting off like this may cause some resentment or unhappiness in the relationship.

Could it be that your attraction to him is due to his interest in you and his caring nature?

We received the following question from one of our readers: Hi Lucy, I’ve been dating a guy for 6 months now but the company he works for has gone into administration.

Since this has happened, things have totally changed, one minute he’s up the next he’s down.If it is not present then it is simply a friendship, with some expressions of affection like kissing and holding hands that are perhaps not deemed appropriate between friends.Remember that women tend to peak in their thirties sexually whereas men tend to become less interested in sex the older they get, so it’s likely that there will be little meeting in the middle when it comes to your sex life.Both of these people likely care a lot about you, so if they were aware that this was making you uncomfortable, they might dial it back. If they are clearly flirting with one another then why not ask how they would feel if their best friend was hitting on their boyfriend or if their partner was flirting with their best friend.People often don’t realize the error of their ways until you can show them the similarity in their own life.How would he react to the situation if you were the one messaging your ex?