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There is also a difference between “dating sims” and “ren’ai (romance) games.” The latter are more often done in the style of visual novels or choose-your-own adventures, while the former have some RPG elements, personal stats, and gift-giving mechanics. So where should you begin if you want a fun, romantic, and well-written game without breaking the bank?

Here are a few romance games/dating sims you can play right now for free: This one might be something of an acquired taste, given both its origin and its subject matter.

In others, you're a commander, a pirate, a wanderer, or even a furry animal.

RPG games are great fun if you're willing to really get into the story.

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Look nowhere else for the best and most popular MMO RPG games. You basically enter a fantasy setting and take on a fictional character.

Our up-to-date catalogue boasts of the newest titles in the MMO, RPG, and MMO RPG genres. In some RPG games, you're a hero out to save the world from total destruction.

In this bishoujo romance game, you play a boy named Hisao Nakai, who has a congenital heart defect and is being sent to attend a special school following a long hospital stay.

Once he gets there, he meets various people (primarily girls) who have similar debilitations, and eventually makes friends and falls in love with one of them.

In these simulation dating games, you date different girls and try to win their hearts.