If one rejects the possibility of a global Flood event, as described in Genesis, one is left with no other recourse.However, creation scientists are not surprised that so many dinosaurs are mixed with marine fossils and are commonly found in marine sediments.Oddly, the paleontologists who made that discovery found the thighbone while searching for ammonites—extinct marine invertebrates common in the sedimentary rocks exposed along beaches.

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Most will go home with okay snapshots, while others might give up—deciding to buy postcards or a book instead. Here are a few tips to help you best capture these breathtaking destinations: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons to visit the Grand Canyon.

Being the largest National Park in the United States, you can hike, raft, picnic and many other things. So what exactly do you know about the famed rocky gorge located in the Arizona desert?

Plane was excellent, Cessna high wing good for viewing. Every year, millions of people come to enjoy these natural and manmade wonders.

And when they visit they take lots of photos—hundreds, maybe even thousands of them!

He identified the dinosaur from a jaw bone fragment found in the mines at Sidi Chennane, Morocco.

He and his colleagues from Morocco, France, and Spain concluded the dinosaur was an Abelisaur—a type of theropod similar to the Longrich determined that its teeth were worn from a life spent biting into bone, which suggests this dinosaur was a predatory meat-eater.

Seven natural wonders happened thousands of years ago but these are still exist to stun the people from these facts which are hard to believe in real world.

Although, each continent has its own wonders based on its geography, climate and territory but here we are taking about world wonders that are most accepted list by all of experts, the list is given under as: Victoria Fallsis a waterfall in southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border of Zimbabwe that is absolutely the great tourists destination and one of most beautiful natural attraction all over the world.

There are several changes occurred with every second in universe in which some of changes referred to wonders of world that are truly unbelievable and incredible things to happen.

The world is evident to continuous change that able a man to make revelation about whole universe from the bottom of earth to the heights of skies.

Despite of that the area is still highly active volcanically but it has become popular tourist attraction due to climbing activity that people visit to hardened-lava covered ruins of the San Juan Parangaricutiro Church.