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Explaining at a Cannes Lions session that kids often play him demo tapes to ask for his advice, and he tells them, “If you are going to be inspired by someone, at least let it be a dead person, otherwise it’s just stealing because if that person is still alive, you are just jacking what they are doing, and that happens in music and fashion a lot.” With two Billboard chart No.1 albums under his belt, and having attracted the attention of Madison Avenue, landing him deals with Dior, MTV, Guess and Mercedes, he said he believes the secret to his success is his own authenticity.

He explained, “I feel like the way that I established my relationship with fans is because they noticed everything I did was authentic, it had to be something driven by passion, we’re not going to do anything that is not authentic or what I truly believe in.

And that something is this: “Yes, please.” • Bass players are classy. Expand your timeline and instruments, Starshine - do you have ANY idea what sax or French horn or harmonica musicians can do with their lips and tongues? Starshine may be battling a weigh problem, and rumor has is that clausen is bedridden at over 500 pounds. The night is bitterly cold, and on the way to the gig it starts to sleet and snow.

Think Mc Cartney and Sting—not Flea, who’s a drummer in bass players’ clothing (which apparently is a tube sock). About a mile from the hall the bus slides off an embankment and gets stuck in the snow.

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