well, you think I got out of Alfea without even a experimentation? My bicurious exploits (maybe a little too literally "exploits") aside, I understand how it is to look at your one true love every day and never be able to give into the urges. Great Dragon, I wanted to touch Sky so bad sometimes I literally felt like I would burst. Amnesty International, Defense for Children International-Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace and two Quaker organizations, the American Friends Service Committee and the Friends Committee on National Legislation, advocated in support of the congressional letter.

WASHINGTON — Nineteen House Democrats signed a letter urging the Obama administration to make Israel’s treatment of imprisoned Palestinian minors a priority in the US-Israel relationship. Betty Mc Collum, D-Minn., cites a 2013 UNICEF report on Palestinian children in military detention and notes that Israel has addressed some of the claims in that report.

“This is a positive step and a clear acknowledgement that legitimate human rights concerns exist,” said the letter sent June 19 and made public on Monday.

Idea goes to my crazy family, who, over the course of the births of my last four siblings, have asked if there is any sibling rivalry going on. Sky may think we both graduated from college as virgins, and if you think of it on terms of insert-rod-into-hole, I guess we are.

But it's always been spiritual virginity for me, and lemme tell you, my room being right across from my closest friend (who happens to be a totally hot blonde that I can go to with anything)…

Tags: board meetings, public notices, Sedona AZ, Sedona Fire Department, Sedona Fire District Governing Board, Sedona Times Publishing newspaper, Sedona Eye.com, Sedona Times.com, SFD, SFD Public Notice Gary Chamberlain, Folksville USA Point Man Sedona AZ (September 27, 2012) – Folksville USA Point Man, Gary Chamberlain, was interviewed by Arizona Eight this week about the Folksville USA effort to “point” the Arizona Department of Transportation in the right direction to clean up its ineffective taxpayer funded litter abatement program. Tags: ADOT, Arizona Channel 8, Arizona Department of Transportation Adopt-a-Highway, Arizona Horizon, Arizona PBS, Folksville USA, Gary Chamberlain Point Man Folksville USA, litter abatement programs, Sedona Times Publishing newspaper, Sedona Eye, Sedona Eye.com, Sedona Sedona AZ (September 25, 2012) – The salmonella outbreak linked to contaminated nut products claimed more victims today with thirty people ill in nineteen states reported the United States Center for Disease Control from its Atlanta, Georgia headquarters: The number of ill people identified in each state with the outbreak strain: Arizona (1), California (2), Connecticut (3), Illinois...

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She was so cute, I wanted to upchuck my lunch (a sandwich.

I thought about Dafne, you know, they raised her, right? The one I wore only an hour before I snuggled into my new bed in the palace, and my new mommy and daddy got it on in the master bedroom downstairs. Her blue eyes sparkled like my Magic Winx transformation.

The first tangle comes when Dan sits for a photographer, Anna (Julia Roberts). From here, Nichols and his screenwriter, Patrick Marber—who has adapted his own play, of the same name—make it their business to erode the sentimental status quo. People share here, but they share betrayals and bodily fluids as if they were viral strains.

Anna meets a doctor named Larry (Clive Owen) in the blue dusk of an aquarium—an ominous site, for anyone who remembers Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth plotting in front of a fishtank in “The Lady from Shanghai.” Anna marries Larry, but that kiss with Dan was the start of something bad.

J Street, a liberal pro-Israel group, did not actively advocate for the letter, but signaled support for its signing when the group’s position was solicited by lawmakers.