It’s a bit ironic that a filing best-practice that will make you more productive could lead to a technical server issue. That’s not a lot of mail and so that number will be easy to reach if your company is using those older versions of Exchange and you are filing a lot of mail in one folder. Links at the bottom of the article I referenced above lead to other articles that state their limits.If you've used Microsoft Outlook for a while, you know that it can slow down... In fact, when not looked after, Outlook can become nearly useless.

In the end, you should have a much faster Outlook experience. There are times when Microsoft might update Exchange.

Many people don't realize that with Windows updates, the updates for Microsoft Office are also "hidden." But it's not just the Office updates that can help speed up Outlook. In some cases, those updates can either break or cause problems with the communication between Outlook and Exchange.

Thank you in advance for your help When Outlook is running in cache mode, there are three reasons it checks the server for new information. You force it to (selecting Send/Receive or send a message) 2. The server tells it there is a new message #3 is typically the mystery.

Exchange sends out a broadcast message on a random high-port (UDP greater than 1023) when it receives a new entry.

Before I explain more details on how this limit works, how to identify it, and specific strategies to fix it, let me first give you some background on why 1MTD or MYN users should be particularly aware of this.

Why 1MTD and MYN Users Should Know This As you may know, my primary recommendation in 1MTD and MYN for filing mail is to file all saved Outlook e-mail into one folder called the Processed Mail folder.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make Outlook not only usable, but significantly improved.

And none of these techniques requires a single configuration change to your Exchange server (IMAP or POP3).

To change how frequently Outlook does automatic send and receives, you need to edit the Send and Receive settings.