Windows Bit Locker Drive Encryption offers volume-level data encryption for data stored on Windows client and server platforms.

Bit Locker protects that data when the Windows systems are offline (i.e., when the OS is shut down) and can prevent data breaches such as the theft of confidential data on laptop computers.

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In part 2 of this multiple series guide ,we will install windows roles/features , SQL server 2012 SP1 and configure database,permissions etc on our MBAM server (MBAM01).

MBAM SQL server Requirements: Login to the MBAM01 server using account that has local administrator rights (I use my SCCM installation account in this case CM_srv, if you have created mbam_admin,use that account) ,open Server Manager ,select add roles and features.

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After this , Open (you can type this from RUN command ) and change the SQL server service log on to Local System account from its properties instead of NT service account.

Domain account would be recommended but in lab, I go with Local system account. we will now try to configure the Permissions for the user account who do the installation of MBAM Database and reporting roles on this Database instead of using full administrator account.

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