I am a sister, who usually logs in to Paltalk and then goes to the Islamic rooms so that I may gain some knowledge related to our religion.Sometimes while I am in one of those Islamic rooms in Paltalk,a muslim brother(looking for a wife) in the room asks me to have a private written chat with him so that we get to know one another.

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BELFAST, Maine (CBS/AP) It's not clear why Amber Cummings, a 32-year-old Maine mother, married her Nazi-loving, Obama-hating, child porn-watching, dirty bomb-building husband.

But she was crystal clear on why she killed him; she believed he was going to sexually abuse their 9-year-old daughter.

Her husband was angered by Barack Obama's election as president and the bomb-making materials were discovered near the time of Obama's inauguration, but law enforcement officials said the public was not at risk.

Photo: Amber Cummings gets a hug from Reverend Ken Parker of the First Baptist Church as she leaves Waldo County Superior Court, Thursday, Jan. The Cummings moved in 2007 from California to the coastal town of Belfast, where they bought a fixer-upper at a foreclosure sale.

No one is perfect, so you will probably have a red flag or two with just about any guy. We all have different tolerance levels; one woman's red flag is another woman's deal-breaker and a third woman's non-issue.

It's when you start having four, five, eight, ten red flags that you need to think very hard about where your relationship can go. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. Some are my own, some are culled from other sites, all I agree with. As you read these, remember the thing about red flags: they are warnings of potential problems, not necessarily deal-breakers. Some of the questions he asks me are: where i live, my age, whether i am married(by the way I am not married), if I am planning to get marry, whether I live with my parents, and so on.My problem is, I don't know whether I am allowed(Islamicly) to give non-muharim brother those kinds of informations which related to me. There is nothing wrong with a Muslim woman making use of the internet and entering the Paltalk website for that purpose, so long as that does not lead to anything that is forbidden in Islam, such as talking privately with men.Since we started dating ten years ago, I've always been faithful to my husband, but there have been times when I've come close to cheating.