An unscripted series exploring dramas at a matchmaking service for a deep-pocketed clientele.The show delves into the private life of the service's proprietress, its persistent staff and the transformations of the demanding customers.Patti meets up with Ageist Michael as she tries to fix him up!

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Season 5, Episode 2August 22, 2011Patti plays matchmaker for a moneyed playboy.

She also works for a Canadian who holds a negative view of career women.

Stanger calls on celebrity friends Tori Spelling and Jenny Mc Carthy to provide expert advice for her hapless millionaires.

From a former NFL player to Million Dollar Listing's Madison Hildebrand, Stanger will be challenged to find love for a very diverse roster of rich singles.

Patti bites back by asking her if she is a man or woman — funny thing because I have had the same question for Patti the past five seasons.

Patti continues by threatening to push her down the stairs — Bravo, remember no violence!

Season 5, Episode 1August 15, 2011In the Season 5 opener, matchmaking maven Patti Stanger tries to forge a love connection for a fast-talking Internet mogul.

Her other client is a worldly and outwardly charming production-company owner.

Sharnay who is a mess is about the only entertainment to come from the recruitment session as not only does she call Patti out on her lips, but she lifts up her dress for all of cable television to see.

The only bad thing is that the poor girl doesn’t know the difference between collagen and lipo — does she live in Los Angeles?

Patti continues to embarrass the public by calling out an awkward boy and girl on stage to do a pretend date. For the first time in Millionaire Matchmaker history, Patti is setting up a millionaire who I have actually heard of! ESPN Marcellus Wiley — I knew all my boyfriends had a reason for making me watch ESPN, it prepared me for tonight’s episode of MM.