Judge Donald Black stated that student access to medically accurate sexual education is “an important public right” – a ruling thought to be the first to address the sex education law.

According to Phyllida Burlingame, reproductive justice policy director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, more than 90 percent of high schools in California already offer some form of sexual health education.

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Grade retention, the practice of holding students back to repeat a grade, does more harm than good: As such, grade retention represents a system of ill-advised policies increasingly based on misleading advocacy resulting in a recursive cycle of punishment for young people, diminishing their sense of belonging, and reducing their opportunity for educational equity.

The academic benefits of retention are limited, short-lived, and far outweighed by the negative consequences on students’ development in reading, writing, and all other aspects of literacy.

Improving access to coding and computer science classes could open doors for low-income students, and Chicago officials believe it's not limited to high school education.

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Grade retention as a major element in education and reading policy has been adopted by at least 14 states, with 32 states linking reading intervention to high-stakes testing (Rose, 2012).

These policies ignore four decades of research on the negative consequences of grade retention and the significant body of research on effective and supportive literacy instruction.Parents will have the option of excusing their child from instruction.The new law seeks to remedy the uneven instruction in sexual health in public schools in the state, as documented in a study by researchers at UC San Francisco and in a lawsuit against the Clovis Unified School District brought by two parents and several advocacy groups that alleged inaccurate and biased information about sexual health was being taught.In five years, at least 50% of its high schools will offer AP computer science courses.Computer science is one of the top paying college degrees -- and yet only 2.4% of college students graduate with degrees in the field (a number that's declining).Kentucky became the first state to require face protection in high school softball for pitchers, first basemen and third basemen, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association announced Tuesday. RELATED: Kentucky mandates additional face protection in softball Seriously? I got hit more times wearing one bc I couldn't see. https://t.co/wjr Na Evm Im — Hannah Perryman (@hperryman723) July 18, 2017 Quick thoughts: Another sign of the times we live in.