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Records produced by macros and spreadsheet calculations must comply with 21 CFR Part 11.

macros for validating data in excel-20

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As spreadsheet programs are not designed for regulated environments, special steps must be taken to maintain compliance.

Spreadsheet calculations are popular in all kinds of businesses.

Spreadsheet programs are not designed for regulated environments, and without preventive actions the risk that they will generate errors is relatively high. Panko from the University of Hawaii studied spreadsheet errors extensively.

Over several surveys, he found that error rates can increase by as much as 30%.

I don't get an input box asking me to enter the bank account GL #. This results in a run time error otherwise, or, in long macros which yours might be, no such notice and that may have been why it looked to you that the macro was skipping over the portion you posted.

Show Error = True End With But when I run the macro, nothing seems to happen with respect to this code. I added the Delete statement in case you run the macro more than once upon cell D1 which, if it already has data validation assigned to it, cannot otherwise accept a data validation installation without its current data validation deleted.

A macro is a set of commands that can be embedded in a document to add functionality to standard programs and to automated processes.