David Lauren, who supposedly wasn’t invited to Jenna Bush’s wedding because he hasn’t yet asked for girlfriend Lauren Bush’s hand in marriage, got some girl’s phone number at his sister’s birthday party at a Greenwich, Connecticut, eatery.

In his autobiography William Shatner talks about all the women he slept with who had Captain Kirk sexual fantasies.

Bruce Willis and Whoopi Goldberg chatted at Lure Postal Service’s unveiling of a Sinatra stamp, though it’s unclear who snubbed her.

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But leave it to Queen Bey to show us a wedding guest ensemble gone oh so This past Saturday, Beyoncé and Jay Z were spotted in attendance at the high-profile Hamptons wedding of music executive Lyor Cohen (of 300 Entertainment) and art mogul, model, and former Chinese basketball player Xin Li.

Newsweek staffers are annoyed that so many famous people attend the Time 100 gala. Scarlett Johansson sang “Happy Birthday” to a friend at Indochine.

The arrival of the sometimes abrasive, sometimes charming Lyor Cohen as the new face of Google’s You Tube was met with stony silence when On the Money called the record labels for comment.

Cohen, who used to run recorded music at Warner Music Group and helped put Def Jam on the map, has been running his own Google-backed label, 300 Entertainment, for the past few years.

He also suffered a pulmonary embolism and was hospitalized in April, but bounced back and is ready to take on a set of nightmarish problems — like persuading labels not to yank their videos off You Tube, for one.

Not a single label would offer any comment on his arrival as You Tube’s new boss of global music.

That failed, but Cohen is actually credited with forging a major You Tube alliance while at Warner Music.

The deal was considered the first of its kind, though these days, all three majors seem unhappy with their You Tube arrangements.

But leave it to fearless music manager Irving Azoff to plant a flag, telling On the Money earlier this week, “As a prolific manager, label executive and label owner, Lyor has a long history as a defender of artist rights.

“We are counting on you, Lyor, to lead You Tube to provide fair payments to artists and give them more creative control.

It was pretty weird, but I got the sense it was part of a really effective persona. The reason is that You Tube thinks Lyor Cohen is a connection back to the complaining, uncooperative music industry elite.