RESET is an international building standard and certification program for healthy buildings, measured in real-time."Health, wellness and sustainability are at the core of naked Group’s identity,” says Jonathan Seliger, CEO of naked Hub, “Air quality, access to natural light, acoustics, healthy building materials, and areas to play, stretch and move are all critical to the health and productivity of people growing their businesses in our Hubs.


A naked (and I mean stark naked) tribe was discovered in Nigeria recently. They are called the Jibu people, and they are descendants of the Kwarafa Kingdom who lived for centuries in nine communities scattered around on the mountains in Gashaka.

They use leaves to cover some of their privates (just like the biblical Adam & Eve) and live in abject poverty and disease infested communities.

Get all the facilities you need, with the extras that make coming to work fun.

naked Hub, the largest network of premium co-working space in Asia , is partnering with RESET to research and integrate new health & wellness concepts within co-working.

This is simply amazing if you ask me, and not in a good way.

It’s one more reason to look at Africa in a backward negative light.Book: Reptile Medicine and Surgery - Juergen Schumacher Inclusion body disease (IBD) of boid snakes is the most important viral disease that affects captive collections of boa and pythons and has been associated with high morbidity and mortality rates.IBD has been named after the presence of characteristic eosinophilia intracytoplasmic inclusions in visceral epithelial cells and neurons of the central nervous system of affected snake.RESET will use the data to inform the next generation of standards for co-working spaces.“People learn by doing,“ says Seliger, “Our aim is to make health & wellness fun, fully interactive and part of everyday work, even for the things that are mostly invisible like healthy materials.Exclusively members of the family Boidae have been diagnosed with this infection, but evidence exists that other reptile species either may act as carriers of the virus or may show different clinical and pathologic signs than boas and pythons and therefore may go undiagnosed.