I think this is a hassle, but in the case of XP to 7, it's necessary.

Just work through the sections in turn until you find something relevant to your problem.

If you computer has system problem, you first priority should be to make sure you have up-to-date backup copies of all your own files.

Some folks who apparently have a pile of operating systems discs have proposed that one could upgrade from XP to Vista, then from Vista to Windows 7, but I think that's insane.

Most PC experts will recommend you start fresh and "pave" your machine anyway.

Using only builtin DLLs ensures that your system is Microsoft-free.

However, Wine has the ability to load native Windows DLLs.

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This chapter excerpt on Virtualization and Windows 7 (download PDF) is taken from the book Microsoft Windows 7 Administrator's Reference.

The big difference is that, this time, it will be available to both Windows XP and Windows 7.