Often the name of the man who led the splinter group was taken as the new tribe's name.Today there are 59 different groups in South Africa who now accept the overall name of Tswana.About 400 people of Baduy dalam live and three villages which are completely surrounded by a protective zone of Baduy Luar.

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The Tswana are closely related to the Sotho (of Lesotho and South Africa).

The Sotho-Tswana are bonded in language and customs. They share an agrarian culture, social structures, political organization, religious and magical beliefs and also a family life.

Sorghum, beans, pumpkins, sweet melons and gourds were planted, and the Tswana found that maize, introduced by the Portuguese into the country, was also highly productive.

The history of the Tswana people is one of continual dissension and fission where disputes, sometimes over chieftain ascendancy, resulted in a section of the tribe breaking away from the main tribe, under the leadership of a dissatisfied chief's relative, and settling elsewhere.

About three-fourths of the Tswana people live in South Africa.