In K-Pop, dating has long been regarded as taboo, with many groups given dating bans as they build a loyal following.

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J-pop and C-pop are hardly better, while American hip-hop is arguably worse. Lo brandishes her swagger, it’s clear that she’s a peerless dancer, and Lady Gaga could sing the roof off Carnegie Hall.

But when it comes to their Korean counterparts, talent is optional. “They asked me to sing, and I’m the best singer,” ex-TAHITI member Sarah Wolfgang, formerly known as Hanhee, said of her recruitment in a recent interview.

Three years later, South Korea debuted its first "idol" group, the boy band H. T., followed in 1997 by its first major girl group, S. To be sure, many of its vapid songs are intentionally light on lyrics — catchiness is king.

Besides, K-pop isn’t the only musical genre fraught with sexist content.

(Translation via Soompi.) Bora’s new agency following her exit from Starship, Hook Entertainment, doubly confirmed the news: “After checking with Bora, we confirmed that she is dating Feeldog.” Back in May, the two were reportedly seen going to a polling station to vote in the presidential elections and “returned together, holding hands.” (What’s more romantic than democracy?

Summer time is truly the time for love and romance.

It seems K-Pop idols are dating left and right and this time UEE and Kangnam are making moves!

At first, their agency, including the idols themselves, had denied the rumors but now it has been confirmed that the two are dating. Their agency had responded saying, "The two just recently began dating with romantic feelings and are in the beginning stages, so we are being careful with the sudden reports.

“After checking with Feeldog, we have confirmed that they’ve been dating officially for about six months, not a year.

The two of them got close after going on together,” the company revealed in a statement on Wednesday (June 28).

Fresh-faced ingénues can decline, but unless they work for YG Entertainment — which forbids its girl groups from going under the knife — opting out of surgery is tantamount to opting out of the industry.