This record gives us the Kenai climate since the last ice age, which is then comparable to sites westward (Kodiak, the Alaskan Peninsula) and southeastward (Icy Cape, Yakutat).

With the price of gas trending downward, there's no better time to jump in the car, put the top down, and head on a road trip.

Here, we have ten itineraries for some of the country's most classic road trips.

Tracking down antique vials of medication dating back to the late 1800s isn’t typically on the Homer Police Department’s agenda, but it is this week.

A long-time Homer resident reported a box full of antique medical supplies stolen Tuesday.

The main sources of income are oil/gas and commercial fishing.

Tourism is a very large part of the community because of the Kenai River.

This is a place of relentless, unabashed, breathtaking beauty.

The weary traveler is overtaken by the sight of the surrounding countryside — a tiny green basket of life dotted with 90-foot-tall coconut palms and strangler figs bigger than city buses.

An 11-hour flight from Los Angeles, 1 hour flight from Nadi, and a 2-hour 4-wheel-drive trek along the rugged, sun-drenched coast of Taveuni Island will get you to the village of Waitabu.

A bumbling grouping of 50 people living in 15 huts, Waitabu faces an outstretched morning-sun Pacific Ocean.

Now, being a villager, you could come back and build a house.