Nothing infuriates The Perfs more than seeing their former member succeed without them. While Dalia takes herself way too seriously, caring only about her looks, money, and social status, we can’t help but laugh!This rich princess falls into the popular but oh-so-dumb stereotype effortlessly.

This article is about the Slovenian television channel. in Slovenia (PRO PLUS stands for PROduction PLUS), which is part of Central European Media Enterprises. POP TV has the highest ratings in Slovenia as measured by the AGB Nielsen Media Research in 2013.

For the unrelated free-to-air television channel in the UK and Ireland, see Pop (UK and Ireland). POP TV has received more than 39 Viktors, Slovene awards for media achievements and achievements in popular culture.

For the fifth year in a row POP TV was awarded with the Trusted Brand title (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) among TV stations, as the most trustworthy and popular brand among consumers. Within 24UR, the following segments are currently airing: POP IN, Vizita (Medical visit), 24UR Inšpektor (24Hours Inspector) and 24UR Fokus (24Hours Focus).

Current news programming POP TV's current news programming consists of the main 24UR (24Hours) news, 24UR popoldne ("24Hours Afternoon"), 24UR zvečer (24Hours at Night), 24UR Vreme (24Hours Weather) and Preverjeno! 24UR The current hosts of the show are two hosting pairs: Darja Zgonc & Edi Pucer and Jani Muhič & Petra Krčmar.

(“Catherine the Great”) When Anderson wrote “Catherine the Great,” the 2014 No.

1 Black List script, she “never dreamed” that it would end up with Barbra Streisand directing, Keira Knightley starring, and Gil Netter producing.

Weekdays the show is hosted by one pair and the pairs exchange each week.

Weekend shows are hosted by individual hosts from each pair.

“He’d pitch me stories on road trips together, and discuss movies, but I never thought I’d end up directing, as I always wanted to be a writer,” says Cuarón.

“It was through writing that I even got into doing films, and I can’t imagine directing anything I hadn’t written.” Cuarón first wrote, then directed, produced, shot and edited the 2007 indie “Year of the Nail,” “which used still photographs and the writing to tell the story.” He next directed the documentary short “The Shock Doctrine,” which he also edited and shot.

Be honest — which of these ladies do you kinda wanna strangle?