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The currency of Japan called as the Japanese yen and is denoted as ¥.

Helloǃ Summer in The Multiverse is a season-long vacation where you'll see unique & thrilling action every single day, all day long: Live Acrobats, Aerialists, Musicians, Magic more in one of the world's most talked-about new art spacesǃ Be Thereǃ Mixed media works by Stephen Buxton showing the influences of the Cubist, Dadaist, and Modernist movements of the 20th century.

A self-taught artist, Buxton's work honors art, architecture, and the subconscious. Santa Fe Bandstand is a free annual summer long music festival on the Plaza in downtown Santa Fe.

Thailand coins are dated using the Buddhist Era, but the same date may be struck for many years.

In the Middle East dating of coins goes back to ancient times, though coins were often dated by the years that the king was in power.

As stated above, each Japanese era begins with the first year of government of the new Japanese emperor.

Hence, in order to recognize the Japanese date, we have to know the name of the era and exact year in which the reign started.Though most collectors take dates on coins for granted, dates on coins did not come into wide-spread use in Europe until the 16th century.Prior to that time most rulers thought it sufficient to put their name on the coin, and maybe a mark for the mint or person who made it.NGC accepts submissions for all service levels at trade shows in the United States. The following notations indicate that specific services are available at these events: * This notation indicates that NGC is offering On-site grading services.At these events, on-site grading services may not be offered for the entire duration of the show dates listed.Rutstein spent her last three artist residencies with oceanographic cartographers, examining never-before-seen images of the ocean floor and translating what she learned into undulating, semi-abstract paintings. FREE KIDS WORKSHOP- USING WAX TO MAKE ART Kids, 7-14 accompanied by an adult, can attend a free workshop at the Encaustic Art Institute where they can learn about painting, sketching, and printing with wax. 632 Agua Fria, SF Doug Menuez got as close to Steve Jobs as a documentary photographer could get. FREE ADMISSION: Concerts every Saturday, 100 Artists, Award-winning craft beer, Delicious food, World-class Equestrian Show Jumping Wednesdays-Sunday; Experience the Art of the Horse.