And though summer is soon behind us, we can still keep our sunny dispositions.Decorate your desk with little reminders of the good times and warmer weather.Usually that’s a big no-no because you are setting yourself up for disaster.

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He took the time to comment but didn’t bother to call the rumors crazy, instead he name called and tried to blow it off.

If there is nothing at all to the gay rumors then I’d expect Mark to deny them and remind people that he and Derek have been best friends since childhood.

The issue of Seacrest being gay or not has come up in the past, as reported by , when a photo of Teri Hatcher and Ryan kissing on the beach involved speculation over whether or not Seacrest set up the photo opportunity by contacting the media ahead of time.

Teri was asked if she thought the paparazzi were tipped off before the kiss, and Hatcher said she had no idea.

And the TV host took a break from his many projects to soak up the sun poolside in Miami on Saturday.

If, like us, you haven't got round to working on your beach body, then you might not want us to remind you that bikini season is here.

Before returning to the real world, I like to take inventory of my favorite things and update the items that help keep me organized.

I would be lost without my planner and phone, and fortunately, there are so many cute options for both!

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