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What was the most stupid thing you did in the name of love?

You can also use these ideas with your close and intimate friends.

The problem, however, is this: when you are, as a woman, trying to ignore the Rush Limbaughs of the world, when you want to embrace your sexuality, you encounter an immovable fact: wherever you turn, there is someone worrying, someone diagnosing, someone wagging a finger, someone offering sage advice.

The concern about the effect of external forces is pretty much a reflex gesture when we think about female sexuality.

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Read the privacy policy for more information about the information collected and shared.It was already steadily getting out of hand with Alix coming up with some wicked dares, Chloe yanking out the most horrible truths, and Alya doing a little bit of both. "But….but….but…." she stammered, "what if I don't to do it. "I can't let Alya down or Chloe win," she said quietly, "and also….Marinette was really beginning to dread her turn again. You have the option to do the forfeit instead."Alix and Chloe snickered at that while Mylene suddenly burrowed into her hoodie and covered her face. Adrien is going to be so disgusted that he'll end up filing a restraining order against me and then I'll have to swap schools, and they'll force me to register myself as a sex offender and I'll never ever get a date in my life again.""Okay, now you're being ridiculous," Tiki said chidingly as she floated out of Marinette's purse, "first, you would not be registered as a sex offender for kissing a boy, secondly, Adrien would never go that far in rejecting a person or otherwise Chloe would have one taken out on her months ago, and thirdly, and I can't stress this enough, you do what you don't want to do, Marinette," Tiki said sternly. I kinda do want to do it," she admitted sheepishly. Her dark eyes boring into Marinette and making her feel extremely uncomfortable and nervous again. Our media are saturated with it; women pout out at us from every screen, unveil their desires in every story. What is everywhere is anxiety about female sexuality, discomfort with female desire. It’s marvellously inclusive; no one is left out, everyone has a view. I’m sitting in the living room of the flat my then boyfriend shares with two other men. I find it easy enough, rhetorically at least, to dismiss the Limbaugh version of sexual politics – to see as absurd the view that women are not entitled to pleasure in the same way as men are. It’s not even, as many might argue, a fictive female sexuality, defined by the projections and fantasies of others. Somehow – I have no memory of what led up to this – one of the flatmates is saying, his head cocked, “When your girlfriend gives you a blow job, you know she really loves you.” Aw. There are concerns, too, about the shaping of sexuality by forces outside it, the desires of men, or the increasing ubiquity of pornographic tropes. But that visibility is almost always coupled with a concerned commentary.