The first dictionary to list the word is the short glossary "For Characters Who Don't Dig Jive Talk", which was included with Harry Gibson's 1944 album, Boogie Woogie In Blue.The entry for "hipsters" defined them as "characters who like hot jazz".

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Mubeen and her friends created Hipster Shaadi as the complete opposite.

The website’s pale pink layout is missing something crucial to other dating sites… The moderators of the site, identified online as Shereen, Hassan and Ali, match profiles based on compatibility, not physical attraction. “On our site you actually see a human being for who they actually are versus a product,” Mubeen laughed.

Mubeen and her Mipster friends created Hipster Shaadi, a matchmaking website dedicated to romantically linking modern-day young Muslims.

The idea came about while Mubeen and her soon-to-be cofounders were talking about dating options in the Muslim community.

The website is bright pink, and covered in moustached hearts.

She clicks through the profiles of the users who signed up for her website – Hipster Shaadi.

The ultimate meaning of "hip", attested as early as 1902, is "aware" or "in the know".

Conversely, the antonym unhip connotes those who are unaware of their surroundings, also including those who are opposed to hipness.

It was not a complete glossary of jive, however, as it included only jive expressions that were found in the lyrics to his songs.