In a paper due to be presented at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Karlsruhe, Germany, in May, the team says the next step will be to make the system more generic, and to expand the number of furniture kits the robots can assemble.Aarons Enterprises files During the 1970s, Ruth Aarons was a personal manager of entertainers including George Chakiris, John Mc Martin, Marcia Wallace, and possibly David Cassidy.The collection consists of a small number of files related to Aarons Enterprises' clients and includes clippings, contracts,...

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— pm [David Simon on why cops love ‘Barney Miller’] “The Pajama Game,” Oct.

[The making of “The Originalist”] “Native Gardens,” Sept. A co-production with Minnesota’s Guthrie Theater, directed by former Round House Theatre artistic director Blake Robison in the Kreeger Theater. You have to love the fact that Arena enticed Linden — whom I saw in the early 1970s on Broadway in the musical “The Rothschilds” — to Washington in what could be an ideal bit of casting. The 1950s musical comedy about a labor strike in a PJ plant, featuring such numbers as “Hey There” and “Steam Heat.” Directed not by Arena artistic director Molly Smith, who traditionally helms the holiday musicals, but by Shakepeare Theatre Company associate artistic director Alan Paul (“Kiss Me, Kate,” “Man of La Mancha”).

But Flake’s calling ultimately remained his church, and halfway through his sixth term in Congress he left to return to New York.

“I realize I could never be a Beltway politician,” Flake noted.

Adams (Gerald D.) scripts Gerald Drayson Adams was a film and television writer.

Among his credits are the films and and the television series .One holds each table leg in position and the other screws it into place with a gripper on the end of its arm.The MIT team employs two mobile robots with arms, called Kuka you Bots.Flake was part of a new generation of black Representatives who sought to work within the congressional hierarchy and who viewed race as less important in their role as Representatives.A Democrat, Flake often found himself teamed with Republicans to fund urban renewal efforts.The collection consists of production records and research files related to the production.