This lady is a Bank Manager in one of the financial institutions.

Six of the seven opposition parties boycotted or otherwise did not participate in both the National Assembly and local government elections to protest government intervention and intimidation of opponents.

Civilian authorities at times did not maintain effective control over the security forces.

In 2011 voters reelected President Yahya Jammeh to a fourth term in a peaceful, orderly election; however, international observers considered it neither free nor fair.

President Jammeh’s party, the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), continued to dominate the political landscape, winning an overwhelming majority of national assembly seats in the parliamentary elections in 2012 and local assembly seats in local elections in 2013.

The river leads to a five-star jungle hideaway, the riverside Mandina Lodges, where guests can stay in stilted mahogany eco-huts, with outdoor showers and glitzy fourposter beds.

A local shaman, known as a griot, is playing an African kora, a 21-stringed instrument made from a calabash gourd.

A doctor in Western Africa had alerted international health groups.

With the help of the Global Medical Relief Fund Janet and her mother came to Cohen Children's Hospital.

The Gambia’s constitution enumerates a full range of provisions and assurances for a multiparty democratic republic.

Human rights organizations and opposition parties, however, claimed the government repeatedly took steps to restrict the democratic space.

Okinoshima has just been declared a World Heritage site by the UN’s cultural body.