It is modeled after the traditions and steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and based on the principle that sex addiction is an illness.A sex addiction is usually present when a person loses sight of personal boundaries in terms of sexual behavior and no longer has the ability to control the urge to seek out sexual material or encounters.

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For example, you might continue seeking out sex despite having already lost your job for related reasons.

Read More Sex Addicts Anonymous support groups provide support and guidance to people suffering from an addiction to sex.

The Association’s leadership tried to head off the legal battle by announcing that no more weddings, of any kind, would be hosted in the pavilion.

However, the action was not enough to stave off criticism.

Meetings are held anonymously, which helps members feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts, experiences, and struggles.

Everything that is shared in a meeting is received without judgment and held in strict confidentiality.

The Ocean Grove Association, with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF, then Alliance Defense Fund), filed a federal lawsuit () against the state of New Jersey for violating its First Amendment rights.

Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) is an organization made up of support groups with the mutual goal of helping people overcome sex addiction.

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