For much of the 20th century hiding your money was simple.You got a lawyer, filled in a form and set up a Swiss bank account or offshore “shell company”. For a couple of thousand dollars a year, it was possible to hide away profits where governments could never find them.So in May last year Aileen stumped up £1,295 for membership.

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With more than 2 million visitors per day and over 3000 entries, it is a mechanism that every wicked guy like Adnan Oktar is afraid of.

However, that issue started up huge protests online and printed mediawise and the website was accessible again in short time.

Apps like Tinder, Airbnb, Facebook and e Bay offer solutions for earning money, finding companionship and even a place to sleep for the night.

And the free Wi-Fi flowing in most cities means the web has become the great equalizer.

The internet is home for all of us, even those of us without homes.

Robert, who asked not to give his last name, moved to New York City in November 2015 after stints in Las Vegas and California.

But in the UK crown dependencies and overseas territories where financial services were the main source of jobs and income times were changing.

In tropical tax havens such as the British Virgin Islands a chill wind – or at least the threat of one – was blowing.

“My daughters said online dating wasn’t good for me anymore, so I started looking for alternatives.” Aileen then came across Searchmate, a bespoke dating service which featured on the first series of Channel 4's The Undateables.

It claims to offer a “safer and more credible alternative” to dating websites.

Adnan Oktar is trying to build a new image now and he is trying to restrict access to all documents, news and web sites relating to his past.