“[It’s] inspired by our story, because Peter is now living as an openly gay man, but Peter and I split up before he came out…That wasn’t the reason why we split up, and I was the one who ended the marriage, and he didn’t want it to end."To be an American is not to be a hater, not make a religion that you may practice to be an excuse for selecting a group of people and making them feel less good," Drescher said.

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Last week, "Happily Divorced" was renewed for a second season of 12 episodes.

Also making a special guest appearance this season will be Fran's nosy and overbearing mother from "The Nanny," Renée Taylor, who will play Marilyn, an old friend of Fran's mother, Dori (Rita Moreno).

La Bute in a phone interview—who decides to meet up with four of the ex-girlfriends he’s wronged, à la Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity or Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers. Drescher portrays Lindsay, a married Boston gender-studies professor whose affair with Guy (surprise, surprise) ended badly. I don’t know the details, and the man has recently passed away, which complicates things. It doesn’t belie any sort of intelligence, it just sort of says where they’re from. That collective doesn’t really add up to much of a social life. and my weight.” That younger ex-boyfriend, a former associate producer on The Nanny named John who nursed her through her bout with cancer, is obviously a subject that still causes some grief.

(CBS News) Fran Drescher, who stars in TV Land's comedy "Happily Divorced" and is an outspoken activist for marriage equality, lashed out at actor Kirk Cameron Tuesday night, saying he needs to "reexamine what it is to be an American." The "Growing Pains" actor-turned-evangelist stirred up controversy when he made comments against homosexuality and gay marriage last week.

"Play it as courageously and eloquently as you can and take the feelings and love that you had for this person and just reinvent it, put it on another shelf and just forgive them because everybody has a right to live an authentic life." The show's second season premieres on TV Land tonight, March 7, at ET/PT.

Alyson Stoner — and her tasteful Missy tribute after the Superbowl brought the Virginia native back into the spotlight — gives me hope for America.In fact, the whole episode feels like an rerun, with Fran’s ex cockblocking her on dates, her sassy best friend providing support and a too-loud laugh track telling you when something’s funny.We get that TV Land is aiming for older viewers who may not click with the metahumor of presenting more well-rounded (and still funny) gays, there’s really no excuse for this kind of laziness.TV Land's "Happily Divorced" Guest Star Episode Descriptions: Wednesday 7/27/11 at pm "Someone Wants Me" Fran runs into Elliot with a beautiful woman and realizes she still isn't over him, which prompts her to try online dating. Despite her jealousy, Fran tries to show her support - but it doesn't pay off as she'd hoped. Wednesday 8/17/11 at pm "Torn Between Two Lovetts" The season finale has both Fran and Peter ready to get back into the dating game, and when they both coincidentally meet Gregory (Shaughnessy), they realize the dating world is not what it used to be. "Happily Divorced" airs on Wednesday nights at pm ET/PT immediately following new episodes of "Hot in Cleveland." Inspired by Fran Drescher's own life, "Happily Divorced" is filmed in front of a live studio audience and follows Los Angeles florist Fran (Drescher), whose 18-year marriage ends suddenly when her husband (Higgins) announces he's gay.Despite many matches, she can't stop thinking about Elliot, so she decides to pursue him again - but it leads to an awkward situation. Meanwhile, Dori resolves past issues with her friend, which inspires Fran to keep things right with Judi. Wednesday 8/10/11 at pm "Vegas Baby" After a chance meeting, Fran gives Elliot an ultimatum: Rendezvous with her in Vegas or lose her for good. And if that weren't enough, he can't afford to move out.It was only after that, and [The Nanny] ended, and he moved 3,000 miles away and went into therapy that he started to connect with his true orientation.” ).