It is also an ideal stop for those travelling up or down the Alaska Highway.Those who do stop or stay often take advantage of some of the many wonderful small businesses and services in the area.

Ecological Reserves are areas in British Columbia selected to preserve representative and special natural ecosystems, plant and animal species, features, and phenomena.

Ecological Reserves provide the highest level of protection for the maintenance of physical and biological diversity while allowing for research and educational activities.

Each account includes physical, biological, and cultural information as well as management concerns regarding the Ecological Reserve, with references to supporting documents where available.

Additional documents may also be made available, upon request.

Prehistory: Of the long-term history of the Slave nothing is known.

Presumably they entered the continent from Asia as part of the early migrations and then developed their culture-perhaps on the bedrock of an already existent culture – somewhere in Alaska.

“The visitor centre is an important connection between the visitor and our community,” states Bev.

Living in the midst of a vast natural playground makes the area an ideal tourist destination for visitors seeking outdoor adventures.

Take advantage of terrific camping and hiking at Andy Bailey and Tetsa River regional parks, and Stone Mountain, Muncho Lake, and Liard River Hot Springs provincial parks, all of which are located along the Alaska Highway.