Enable Events = True End Sub Hi I have done a lot of testing and found out it is only some of the conditional formatting which is not updating.

The only way I can make the conditional format to refresh is by manually typing in "USD" or "USD thousands" in cell C7 (instead of using the drop-down menu), or by pressing F2-Enter in cell F7. It does not help to click in another cell to make the conditional formatting refresh; neither before or after I select a new format in the drop-down list.

The only thing that makes the conditional formatting refresh is to edit two other cells (one is not sufficient), or to press F2-Enter in cell F7.

I have made a solution that works, but the conditional formatting does not refresh automatically. Specifically, I want the user of the spreadsheet to be able to control if the values in some cells are displayed in thousands or not.

Example: In cell C7, the user can choose between "USD" and "USD thousands".

I have applied data validation to the cell so that only these two text strings can be entered. To control how this number is displayed, I have set up a conditional formatting rule: Problem This solution works --- with one big exception.

When I use the data validation drop-down menu in cell C7 to choose between "USD" and "USD thousands", the conditional format in cell F7 is only refreshed the first time I change the value of C7. Thanks Claus Excel version: 2007 OS: Windows Vista Von Pookie, Thanks for your reply.

/Claus I am having a similar problem with the Conditional Formatting disappearing.

In my case, I have data linked to an access query and in order for the Conditional Formatting to appear I have to double click a cell and hit enter, or F2 Enter.

How can I update the formula of conditional formatting among many cells.