Will the woman or the men found distributing such literature (if they can be called that) face any penalties?

Or will those who fall in the trap and take up on those illicit offers face any penalties?

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Undoubtedly one of the most iconic sights in Dubai, Atlantis has captivated guests the world over with its awe-inspiring beauty.

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By law, Dubai Massage Centers workers must be licensed and must follow Dubai Municipality Public Health Department’s hygiene and decency guidelines. Dubai Police have in the past advised those who want to get massage treatment to go to licensed Dubai Massage Centers and warned the public not to allow strangers to enter their homes, as some may be undocumented or have criminal intent.

The UAE residents are no strangers to flyers and brochures promoting illegal massage centers left behind on car windshields in parking lots and pushed underneath the main entrance door in both low-rise as well as high-rise apartments by ‘enterprising’ individuals.

Janet Jackson’s husband Wissam Al Mana — managing director of Al Mana Interiors — has fired a female employee by the name of Marte Deborah Dalelv for “misconduct and breach of your employment duties, effective immediately.” While this would seem like a fairly straightforward reason for termination, it’s much more complicated than that!

Marte had been working on behalf of Al Mana Interiors in Dubai, when she reported to authorities that she had been raped by a co-worker last March.But what should one do when an individual offers a full-body massage at home or even at an illegal and unlicensed centre?How should one react to the ‘massage centre’ cards left on car windshields and front doors?There are more than 100 registered Dubai Massage Centers offering everything from Thai Massage, Chinese Massage, and Swedish massage, Full Body Massage to siatsu and ayurvedic therapy.Most hotels also have spas offering massage therapy of one kind or the other. International City has three licensed massage centres, but in recent times they seem to have been dwarfed by door-to-door freelance masseuses.Therefore to make your travel more easy and efficient, we have compiled a list of some interesting tips and tricks to get you the best deals on your flight bookings.