Select a start date that is far enough in the future to allow sufficient time for processing the Visa Request Form, for mailing the DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility to the Exchange Visitor overseas, and for the Exchange Visitor to schedule a visa interview appointment at a US consulate, wait for the visa to be approved (could take days or weeks), purchase an airline ticket, and otherwise prepare to travel to the US.

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) we can define a dictionary of default parameters that we can use when creating tasks. Also, note that you could easily define different sets of arguments that would serve different purposes.

An example of that would be to have different settings between a production and development environment.

Different tasks run on different workers at different points in time, which means that this script cannot be used to cross communicate between tasks.

Note that for this purpose we have a more advanced feature called .

One thing to wrap your head around (it may not be very intuitive for everyone at first) is that this Airflow Python script is really just a configuration file specifying the DAG’s structure as code.

The actual tasks defined here will run in a different context from the context of this script.Airflow leverages the power of Jinja Templating and provides the pipeline author with a set of built-in parameters and macros.Airflow also provides hooks for the pipeline author to define their own parameters, macros and templates.The UW J Visa Request Form must include only the period of time the Exchange Visitor will be performing the activity at the UW.The “start date” on the Visa Request Form is the date the Exchange Visitor is expected to report for work at the UW (not the date the Exchange Visitor is expected to arrive in the US).Extending the DS-2019 means that the J-1 visitor is allowed to stay legally in the U. until the end date on that document, or until the program is completed, whichever is earlier.