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The majority of the Catawba Valley potters are concentrated along Highway 10, Southwest of Hickory, between Newton and Vale. Notice the rings on the bottom, gradually getting smaller as it gets near the top right of the bottom.

Burlon Craig, perhaps the best known of the Southern Folk potters, passed away in 2002. This is where a potter used a piece of wire, crossed over itself, drawn tight, to cut the pottery off the potter's wheel. Strange green glaze on the exterior, no glaze on the interior.

It appears to be a series of four figures--numerals and letters, which may include an N and a 7? Does anyone know of the watermark that would be found on the original series of printings (assuming the pages were watermarked)? Regards, the founding document for the country is the Treaty of Waitangi.

Before it was written up in the Maori language, the wording was worked out in English on a series of draft papers.

Steve Abee, Charles Lisk, Kim Ellington, Albert Hodge, Joe Reinhardt, Michelle Flowers, Ben Allman, Walter Fleming, Ray Hicks, Richard Kale, Bolick Pottery, and many others all have potteries in the area. The picture above shows an assortment of NC pottery, the jug in the middle front is a traditional whiskey jug, probably dating to the late 1800s, the blue and tan pitcher is a Hilton blue edge piece, the small swirl jug and large snake face jug are by Burlon Craig, and the large Tobacco Spit jar in the back is by an unknown Catawba Valley Potter. Kale storage jar, Bandy Crossroad, Catawba County North Carolina. In my years of selling pottery, this is the first piece I have seen that was from this potter. Very unusual six gallon Catawba Valley storage jar. I think there are more letters, but they are hard to make out.

Tobacco Spit is how some collectors refer to the ash alkaline glaze used on traditional Catawba Valley Pottery. Born in 1912 Harry Kale worked for Casey Meaders at his pottery shop at Bandy's Crossroads in 1924-1926. This jar is a good example of just how different a piece can look from one side to the other. In the second, of the back, the glaze runs show yellow. On the bottom, though, someone scratched into the clay some initials, or name. I do not think this is the potter's name, though it could be. Nice 3 Gallon North Carolina pottery jar, alkaline glaze, beautiful glaze runs.

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The watermark - if present - is the mark left in the paper by a copper wire figure attached to the grid, which is generally supported by two or three chainlines (and of course the dense pattern of water lines). Can any one tell me if there was a factory in the area or was it a home occupation. Also interesting is the fact that by 1901 none of them were in the same trade, what happened, did somebody invent a machine that put them out of work. Does that confirm it is from the original printing?

This would seem to be the case but fakesters might go to extremes...? I have recently acquired a number of these engravings and am trying to determine if they are from the original printing, which would be late 18th or very early 19th century(1803 or 1804 at latest) or if they are from later 19th century restrikes. I have noticed a watermark on at least one of the prints and it appears in two locations on that print.

Tucker 1833 watermark on the paper (this one page is written on both sides).