Modern technologies and social media platforms have unquestionably redefined a great many aspects of our everyday rituals, customs and behaviors.

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Proponents of these blossoming technologies insist that it provides companionship seekers with greater freedom than ever before.

In their view, users can locate more compatible partners than would otherwise be possible, and have their pick from a massive pool of candidates without the barriers of social awkwardness or geography.

I was recently asked to write my friend Alice’s profile for dating website

She seemed happy with the results and is now meeting several cyber-suitors per week.

What I didn’t tell Alice is that this is the fourth time I’ve performed this duty this year – an illustration of how widespread dating via the web has now become. This year, seven million of us will sign up to dating websites.

A fifth of those will find love online and some 12 m dates will be arranged.

“I spend a lot of time telling people I’m fine about this.

I’m not.” These Bridget Jones-ish scenes are fleshed out by interviews with female virtual dating veterans.

It’s based around dramatised scenes from the self-deprecating diary of Marie Claire magazine blogger Lucy Robinson, who documents her frequently embarrassing experiences.

“I’m 30 and single,” she says by way of introduction.

Sure, it is the least action packed of the shorts at this point, but works because of its witty writing and is an interesting allegory about how when going on those types of websites can lead to bad consequences.