Concentrate on establishing and maintaining a new daily schedule for yourself and with your kids, getting all members of the family accustomed to a new schedule that often includes shuffling between two households.

Focus on ensuring your financial stability and setting up new financial goals for yourself, post-divorce.

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Even when the divorce is amicable, as mine was over a decade ago, the massive weight of the realization that the world you had built with your soon-to-be-ex and the end of your journey with a person who at some point was the closest person in the world to you is downright smothering. Are we supposed to see each other a certain number of times a week? Or do you tell them that the marriage is over, no chance of being mended and that the paperwork is simply a formality? I recall going through that period, knowing full well that the marriage was over and that, indeed, the paperwork was just the final punctuation.

It's an awful, soul-crushing rollercoaster and every time someone sarcastically remarks how easy it is for people to get divorced or how so-and-so "just left their marriage," my head feels like it's about to explode. However when I would reveal to someone in whom I was potentially interested that I was separated, they invariably would shy away.

If children are involved, custody issues may still be in flux and you may find that the time you hoped to spend with your new flame, is being consumed by his/her children.

It’s usually a better idea to wait until the dust has settled, the papers have been signed, and your potential dating partner has already settled and become comfortable in his/her new life before you commence dating.

So be prepared to put more time and money into settling or litigating your divorce if you bring a new girlfriend/boyfriend into the mix.

Your time and money would be better spent by focusing on establishing a new life for yourself and your children.

We realized they weren’t really big things; they were just things we needed to work on as a couple.

There were things we needed to do in our marriage individually to make each other feel comfortable again and recognizing that I’m responsible for how she feels, and she’s responsible for how I feel.

For a man, divorce is often accompanied by a feeling of failure, even when the reasons for the divorce are genuine.

This is a difficult time for everybody, and the accompanying stress and lifestyle change often puts additional pressure on dating a new person.

But Adrian is still getting a lot of side-eyes because although he’d like to act like he just had dinner with Malika and cameras miraculously showed up, from footage of “Khloe and Lamar,” these two were in some form of a serious relationship, with Malika finally calling things off because she didn’t feel right dating a married man and even asking Khloe to send Adrian’s belongings back to him. But at the end of the day, that’s not what is most important to me. I told my wife all about it and about everything that happened before the show even aired.