I'd heard all the research from AARP, read the online polls, and seen the media frenzy about older women dating younger men.

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I might be 31 but marriage, babies and mortgages are not on my radar.

Partly because the current financial climate doesn’t allow the latter, but also because I enjoy my freelance, nomadic lifestyle.

Toss in a high divorce rate and you've also got plenty of older single ladies looking for a good time.

If 40 is the new 30 and the 21-year-old bus boy has a nice ass, what's to stop these feisty, mature women from finding a guy with a little youth on his side?

I tend to meet guys while I’m away travelling/working overseas and most of them are younger than me, but age really isn’t as big of a deal when you’re travelling as it is back home.

Nikki, 33 agrees: ‘I pretty much only date younger men now, which I think is to do with my lifestyle choices of travelling and doing seasonal work.

I just met a younger Boy Toy and can personally use the advice." I thought, "Is she joking?

Could this young lady consider herself an OLDER WOMAN? You see my work on this book uncovered something bigger than I had imagined.

Then there are others who just want a man to donate his sperm for the purpose of procreation.

Yet, again there are some women who prefer not to have children at all.

However, I'm the kind of person who asks a lot of questions and has to get to the bottom of everything.