Atlantic swells roll onto the beaches of the north coast through much of the year, limiting access to sites.

When conditions are favorable, divers will find gentle reef slopes sporting a healthy but unremarkable mix of hard and soft coral growth.

Historic Zone, complete with over 400 remarkably preserved buildings dating back to the city's inception.

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The south coast offers steep offshore slopes and walls in open water, while the east coast pampers with short boat rides to coral formations in shallow to medium depths.

Farther offshore, the picturesque out islands of Culebra and Vieques are home to some of the region's best coral reefs and clearest waters.

By contrast, the eastern end of the island receives far less rain through much of the year.

Immersing yourself in Puerto Rico's rich history is easy, just head to the center of Old San Juan—here you'll find the remains of the original city. Exquisite examples of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century architecture abound in Old San Juan Puerto Rico, as do aging stone walkways that occasionally become so narrow they barely seem traversable, small gardens outfitted with tropical plants and so many attractions, shops and cafes it will surely take you more than a single day to see.

The prevailing trade winds that sweep in from the east form rain clouds that build over Puerto Rico's mountainous interior.

The resultant runoff reduces near-shore visibility in many areas west of San Juan, but does not affect sites farther offshore.On Puerto Rico's southwestern corner, the Parguera wall drops to depths of 1,500 feet, and after dark the waters of Bio Bay light up in erie glowing colors.Both weather and geography play a role in diving conditions around Puerto Rico.And El Morro isn't even the biggest fort in Old San Juan Puerto Rico - there's also Fuerte San Cristobal.While El Morro's job was to defend from sea attacks, San Cristobal was there to defend against those wishing to attack by land.We have a large number of Puerto Rican women interested in dating, love, friendship and marriage.