I always seek out the advice of men older than myself simply because I think they have more to offer in the way of experience.Also, on a bit of a side note, by far the most well-written, insightful emails I receive on My Latin Life are from older guys who are retired in Latin America, or planning on doing so. Remember my two retired friends I mentioned before?With the assistance Latin Love.org, thousands of single men are able to meet, flirt and date with some of the most exotic girls in the world.

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The three languages available include English, Spanish and Portuguese making it quite diverse and relaxed.

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Many guys have been out of the game for so long that they don't realize the game has changed. But it's changed in a way you can use to your advantage. The savvier women down here have figured out that it's well worth the small price of signing up for a dating site if they can find a foreigner and get a free ride for the rest of their life.

Our Message: You Can Solve Your Problems & Change Your Life by Escaping America for a Better Life and Love Overseas! What's the best approach to opening and meeting girls via Colombian Cupid and Mexican Cupid?

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Latin Love has been helping match latina girls to both latina guys and international guys since it's inaugural launch in 2006, and now serves hundreds of thousands of singles from various countries.

We're in touch on at least a bi-weekly bases by email. Other stuff too, but let's be real: regardless of our age, we're all still men. After numerous conversations with these guys accompanied by my own observations while travelling, I've realized something: Dating for retired men is damn hard. As I'm a bit of a cynic, let's start with the negatives of online dating in Latin America: - It Attracts Gold-Diggers Let's not bullshit: as a retired man in Latin America, some young women are going to go after you because they think you're rich.