Whether an educator resigns on or before the deadline by mail or by turning in a resignation to a superintendent (keeping a copy to show receipt by the district), the act of submitting the resignation completes the process.

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Sexual Misconduct – A broad term encompassing a range of nonconsensual sexual activity or unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature.

The term includes, but is not limited to, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, sexual intimidation, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

A probationary or term contract teacher can effectively resign by declining to sign and return a new contract by the deadline listed on the contract.

Chapter 21 of the Education Code allows those who have signed contracts to unilaterally resign no later than the 45th calendar day before the first day of instruction.

It is most important that each UIL member school stay current with all athletic rules and policies.

This page contains sport specific rule and season information for softball.In the Administrative Code Act, the Legislature directed the Office of the Secretary of State to compile, index, and cause to be published the Texas Administrative Code.State agency rule writers, in cooperation with the Office of the Secretary of State, had begun the task of organization and systematic dissemination of state agency rules in 1975 with the passage of the Administrative Procedure and Texas Register Act (Government Code, §2001 and §2002).For 2016-2017, many districts will start school on Aug. Teachers employed in districts with that start date would need to resign by July 8.The Education Code describes the resignation process: educators can resign unilaterally by sending resignations addressed to the board at the district’s post office address by registered or certified mail (preferably certified, return receipt requested) postmarked on or before the deadline.Sexual misconduct can be committed by men or women, strangers or acquaintances, and can occur between or among people of the same or opposite sex.