They can get extremely messy and are usually only used by people with commitment issues.

dating over xbox live-14

If you get to know eachother and talk everyday and go on video chat (So you know the person not a man/woman) and met up most of the time then yer i would but alas i am spoken for :) I wouldnt do cyber dating though coz thats kinda "Gay" lol Cyber dating just doesn't make sense. Once a friendship is built I'll know whether or not there's a chemistry between us.

People are waaaaay different online than they are in person, most of the time. I know of someone who met their wife on Gears of War though. If so then I may or may not pursue it and ask her out on a date.

Edit: Not to mention I don't think I could date a girl who games... Considering the odds of actually meeting a single girl over xbox live are equivalent to meeting a 12 year old with a regular voice that question is completely void, only relevant to the female gamers [email protected] all of you: I'm pretty sure TC is asking whether you'd date someone you first met on Live then met IRL afterwards. At least we'd start off having a similar hobby and could go from there. They randomly got matched up with each other, she stomped his face into the fucking floor, and eventually they got married. Hahaha :p Assuming we met up in person before dating and don't "cyber-date", then sure.

Watching girls play video games hurts my brain because they are clueless... NOTE: I don't know if thats exactly what went down but I do know that 2 people met on Gears of War and eventually got married. Lots of immature jerks out there on Live The circumstances would have to be just right. I went out with a girl I originally met on MSN after meeting up a few times in person, so it wouldn't be all that big a stretch for me.

I dated my second boyfriend off-and-on for another two and a half years.

There was only a brief period of time after BF #2 where I was truly single, but naturally, that didn't last long.

So I guess I couldn’t say I was surprised that I found myself sharing him with his Play Station 2, and, as the years went on, his Play Station 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

I was starting to feel as though I was in a love triangle—a love triangle between him, myself and the latest installment of Halo.

I remember the first time I visited my first boyfriend, Alex, at his house in 2004.