Steel is much harder than lead, newer barrels are made for steel, tho even then it will just take longer to do any damage.

So steel shot would do a number on that old barrel.

We carry a variety of shotgun shells, specialized for each specific task at hand.

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Modern shotgun shells offer maximum adaptability in today's shooter.

The same shotgun can hit the swamps for duck hunting one day, switch to buckshot during whitetail season, and serve as your home defense weapon every day in between.

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There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management Hey all. from my grandpa a few years back and am ready to dust it off and put it to work.

Most folks I know, myself included just use the cheapest shells we can find. If lead shot is a non issue, then promotional leaded shells are all you really need. 3 1/4 dram-equivalent #8 shot dove load in my 16 gauge Ithaca pump.

The wimpy 7/8oz promotional loads at Wal Mart can knock em out of the air just fine and I doubt that the barrels will unwrap. It reaches Waaaaaaay out there with a dense pattern.

Can't shoot steel, not allowed to shoot lead, doesn't really leave many options.

For what it's worth: One of my shotguns is my dad's old side-by-side 20 ga. I've never had a problem shooting present-day duck/pheasant/quail loads with it (never shot BB with it so I don't know how heavier loads would work out). Belair56 brings up the important factor: Damascus steel barrel.

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