Starting with the first luxury studio portraits of the 1840s and ending with casual snapshots of the 1950s, each issue covers a few decades and explains the main features to look out for, including identifying the photographic format, dating the card mount, investigating the photography studio and dating the pictorial details, especially the fashion clues.

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As well as the process, you can also tell a lot from a photograph’s size or ‘format’.

Most processes and formats were only popular for a limited time, so if you can identify these you will also have a rough idea of the photograph’s date.

Frustratingly, old family photographs often come without any accompanying documentation so it can be very difficult to identify their age.

Old photographs are full of clues that can help you to do this, such as clothes or hairstyles, and we have a list of useful contacts and resources that may be able to help you date your photographs by fashion.

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Dating historic images captured primarily with digital photography. So, what can you do with an old photograph and no date?