Simply put, it is a land of adventure, horses, nomads, and blue sky.

Average summer temperature 20'C, average winter temperature -26'C, average rainfall 200-220 mm. Present President Elbegdorj Tsahia, elected in 2013. Mongolia is a unitary state and divided administratively into Aimags (21) and a capital city; Aimags are subdivided into soums; soums into bags; and a capital city into districts; districts into khoroos.

Permanent dwellings are few and far between, fences even fewer and the land is owned by the people, like one large National Park.

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"You are what you eat" so to truly understand what life is like in Mongolia you have to partake in traditional food and drink.

The Mongolian diet, especially in the countryside, is very high on meat and milk.

“Where the horns converge, there is a beautiful symmetry to them,” he says.

He indicates the half-circle curl of the horns; the wild goats’ legs are straight thin lines.

Petroglyphs like this one have been here for many thousands of years, since Stone Age people first began gouging the rock.

In the light of a Mongolian summer, the images seem to be suspended in air.

By measuring the remaining concentration of radiocarbon in organic materials, such as horse bone, archaeologists can estimate how many years ago an animal took its final step.

Many previous archaeological projects in Mongolia produced radiocarbon date estimates from horse remains found at these Bronze Age archaeological sites.

He’s been determining their approximate age by correlating cultural clues with records of archaeology and paleoecology.