Some of these stories have little nuggets of wisdom for if you’re trying to meet someone in Japan; some don’t.

The fact of the matter is, when you date in another country, it can be difficult to find a partner.

Often the rules are different (and things like that).

The girls may also wear loose socks and scarves, and have dyed hair.

The word "kogal" is anglicized from kogyaru, a contraction of kōkōsei gyaru (high school gal).

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When writing to Rules coaches, be sure to put “The Rules Book” in the subject of your e-mail, otherwise it may be deleted. about her fabulous Rules phone meetings: (646) 418-5507 or Coach Edna [email protected] the Golden Week holiday period over, Japan headed back to work and school on Monday morning.Fans of idol singers, though, were no doubt still basking in the warm afterglow of the Budokan Idol Expo, which took place last Saturday in Tokyo.They may also dye their hair brown and get artificial suntans.They have a distinctive slang peppered with English a Japanese fashion culture that involves schoolgirls wearing an outfit based on their uniform, but with very short skirts.