Front page score — Valley View 72.2 Hanover Area 0.0.

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But unlike Throwback Thrusday and others like it, the checklists are more expansive.

They’re still on the small side, but each offering has a little more to it like parallels and inserts. In 1992, many of the greatest athletes in the world met in Barcelona to duke it out for Olympic glory.

By Ryan Cracknell | Hobby Editor 2017 Topps On-Demand is another extension of the card maker’s online exclusives.

Similar to their Throwback Thursday line, it isn’t specific to one sport or license.

The Metropolitan also contained a School Ability Test, sort of an IQ/Reasoning Ability assessment which greatly helped to determine if a student was performing at, above or below ability level. “Upon further review” and using only your numbers, please check the chart listed below. The number preceding each listed school is the one that appeared on your front page — the percentage of students who scored above average on the state tests and SATs.

The annual progress was easily accessed by counselors, teachers and parents by reviewing the chronological stickers on a “permanent record card.” Kids actually enjoyed these tests and the refreshing break from the classroom. The districts included are for illustrative purposes only. The score on the right, taken from page A5, is the average SAT score itself at that school.

The set will feature all 40 players participating in the 2017 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot.

At present, Panini is taking the photos and designing the cards and the final cards will likely be shown off via the Panini Instant website on Friday. Beckett Authentication’s Steve Grad was recently able to authenticate two separate Babe Ruth autographed baseballs from 1933.

When area schools hear about our grading and reporting practices, we are often asked how our system relates to those working towards competency-based educational models.