U-verse provides up to 45 megabits per second speeds now, with plans for 75 Mbps and higher.Our "Summer Lates Price Drop" is here and we have dropped the price of hundreds of our holidays departing this August and September meaning that our holidays are better value than ever.

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Ce court format d'entretien permet un contact direct entre le recruteur et le futur professionnel/ collaborateur pour un premier change professionnel sur des projets de recrutement dans le cadre de stage, contrat d'apprentissage ou embauche. Demandez votre dossier de participation en ligne 2.

“Customers will have their choice,” said Stephens, speaking at the J. Stephens defended the Direc TV deal as “a rare opportunity to redefine the industry,” with new bundles across new screens. we believe we can accelerate growth and make investments and do things we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do,” he said.

This transaction is not based on freeing up wired capacity.” AT&T at the end of March 2014 had 5.7 million U-verse TV subscribers, making it the fifth-biggest pay-TV provider in the U. SEE ALSO: AT&T, Direc TV Deal Details Emerge as CEOs Sell Merger Benefits Asked why AT&T did not pursue an acquisition of Dish Network, Stephens said that would have likely presented a bigger regulatory challenge given Dish’s spectrum holdings and broadband strategy.

This separation is further supported by these features actually also being added to DX11.3 for developers who do not want to switch to DX12.

The expectation is for such hardware features to become important in years to come, but have minimal impact on the first wave of Direct3D 12 games.— Page 1: An introduction to graphics APIs— Page 2: How DX12 and low-level APIs work— Page 3: What Direct X 12 means for gamers Before we get into the details of what changes in Direct X12, some basics need to be established. When the 3D accelerator hardware first appeared on the market, there was a need to provide an interface for programmers to leverage its capabilities—an Application Programming Interface, so to speak.What this article is not about are the handful of new graphics hardware pipeline features exposed in Direct X 12.Every new release of the API adds support for a smattering of hardware features, and the fact that you can, for instance, implement order-independent transparency more effectively on DX12 feature-level graphics hardware is orthogonal to the high/low-level API tradeoff discussion.While the vendor-specific Glide API developed by 3dfx Interactive managed to hold some ground for a while, it also became obvious that continued growth of the market would necessitate a hardware-agnostic, abstract interface.This interface was to be provided by Open GL and Direct X.For now, the ball is in Direc TV’s court to negotiate an extension with the league, Stephens said, adding that comments from NFL officials about renewing a deal with the satcaster were “encouraging.” Down the road, he said, the combined AT&T-Direc TV will be able to offer the NFL — and other programmers — an opportunity to provide something no other company can to distribute content across TV and multiple wireless devices.