They became his playthings, completely at his mercy. Braun, after becoming bored of various simulated worlds, would proceed to virtually "kill" each one of them.

Along with Luigi, has had other friends such as Yoshi and Toad.

Along with Bowser, he has had other enemies such as Fawful, Wario, and Donkey Kong.

After the 53rd was no different, the staff began to wonder what to do with all of the clones, as the vault's observation rooms were becoming full.

The other entry in the holodisk says that Gary 54 was the same way, having injured Doctor Peterson during an examination.

He is considered by many to be the most famous character in video game history, Mario is a short Italian plumber who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom.

In the Mario series, he uses his well-known jump and combat abilities to stop Bowser from kidnapping Princess Peach and taking over the Mushroom Kingdom.

In Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- the left side of his outfit is separated into straps.

Genesis is right-handed and bears a black wing on his left side in contrast to Sephiroth, who is left-handed and has a wing on his right side.

There is a holodisk found in the cloning lab (A on the map) (located near a body near one of the examination tables, this room also has a very easy locked safe in it as well as Gary 12 and 36) that hints about the fate of Vault 108.